Pompka Garden

City Hall of Włocławek
June 2018

By using our application, you can discover one of the most interesting places on the map of Włocławek – Pompka Garden.  Our application allows you to get acquainted with the rich offer of the park. The application provides a wide range of information about the fauna and flora present in its territory. Pictures of birds and trees as well as their descriptions will allow you to enrich your knowledge, and an interactive map will lead you to the most interesting places. In addition, the application contains audio guides in which the voice tells you about the attractions of the park with a nice voice. The entire application as well as audio guides are available in English.


The application includes:

– Pictures and descriptions of birds and trees in the park

– Interactive map of the park

– Current information on events

– Audio guides (also in English version)

– Quiz which extends your knowledge about the park

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